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Fixed the Problem with Particles Effects Dont forget to Activate them by Client: Options > Video Settings > Particles Switch to Particles: All

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 Server Update 01.10.2017

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PostSubject: Server Update 01.10.2017   Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:33 pm

A massive new Towny update has just been released,
adding a ton of new content to Towny including new Legendary and Rare items,
Enchanting Books, Recipes, balances, bug fixes and more!
We can't thank the Towny community enough for their help and input on this update.
We really enjoyed the feedback and tried to incorporate as much of it as possible when deciding what to do.

Update comes with:

- Legendary Weapon, Armor & Tools
- Rare Items
- Enchanting Books
- Book*
- Apple*
- Crafting Material*
- Crafting Material Box*

- Legendary
- Rare

Monster Types:
- World Boss Skeleton King
- World Boss Skeleton Minions

- Crafting Material
- Key Fragment unCommon**
- Key Fragment Common**
- Key Fragment Rare**
- Key Fragment Lexy Network**
- Crafting Material Box **
- Quest Item unCommon***
- Crown of the King Rare***
- Great Sword of the Skeleton King Rare***

- /warp Crafting
- /warp WorldBoss
- /warp EastShop, NorthShop, SouthShop, WestShop (Player Global Shop)

Player Global Shop Area:
- Diamond Shop 15000$ 30 days Rent
- Gold Shop "Coming Soon"
- Iron Shop 1000$ 7 days Rent

* Used for crafting Items, Weapons, Armors, Tools (/warp Crafting)
** Drop from Monsters (/warp Towny)
*** Drop from World Boss (/warp WolrdBoss)

Have a nice time
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Server Update 01.10.2017
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